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         Finally our final year came… we are the seniors of college and we are the ones who are responsible to control this Alma mater.. we were quite excited to finally be the rulers and no more the followers.. but then it dawn on us that this year was also our final year to be in this majestic Alma mater.. nevertheless we were still able to enjoy being in college..

         For the first time we didn't have our annual sport's day this year.. instead we had the cross-country event… for the first time all collegians have the chance to participate in the sports event.. it was very tiring but, all collegians showed great determination to win.. this year college also has a new principal.. we were grateful that our new principal was very co-operative..

         As usual the English Drama competition was held and this year we performed "Romeo and Juliet".. it was a very tremendous play, but unfortunately we did not won any awards that night.. maybe lady luck was not on our side.. Hmm.. it was quite devastating but we had to accept the fact.. We did not involved in many activities this year because as SPM candidates, studies are our priority.. though we didn't involve much in the activities.. but we still got the chance to see it..

         As an example, this year college hosted the first premier girls' school's Premier Cup.. Convent Bukit Nenas came to our school to have a friendly netball match but CBN won against us.. Yang Mulia Tuanku Permaisuri Agung, Tuanku Najihah herself., launched the ceremony. it was a very grand celebration and TKC deserved a pat in the back… Then there were a few this and that's… and all sorts of things.. but we the fifth formers have to prepare for our big battle, this end of the year.. at the moment I' m writing this, we have only 4 weeks more before SPM starts.. and about a month before we will finally leave this college..

          The place that has taught many meaningful things to us.. taught us the real meaning of life, the sweet and bitter of it.. the thing that I dreaded most is parting with my friends.. we have live in this college for 5 years, we have seen each other grow up from little shy girls to a more matured young ladies… we'll be having our graduation night this Saturday.. and though I feel excited, but the thought of leaving college after so many years fills me with regret and sadness.. college had been like a second home to most of us… so, you'd know how we feel at the moment.. next year all of us will go on with our own directions… but do hope that our paths cross again, I know all of us would surely miss this alma mater… the thing that I would surely miss, will be my fellow comrades.. now, I will know the feeling of parting with those who've been dear to me… when it's time to say goodbye.. I will not say goodbye, but till we meet again, my dear friends… cherish all the memories that we shared and once you're out from this majestic Alma mater.. remember, we have always been proud to know it, and be part of its life.. till our paths cross again, I bid all my dear friends.. good luck and see you guys again anytime… may our comradeship remains…

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