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We came back to college to a brand new year but, this year some of us had to forget this alma mater.. But, we will never forget our comrades for they remain in our memory for life.. Some might be glad to come back.. Some would just prefer to forget the bitter memories.. Fourth year was like a living hell for us.. We do wonder, how could someone ever called fourth year as honeymoon year.. It was like a living hell to us.. What are they fussing about being a fourth former? Except for we do not have any big exam.. All the other things was the same

          This year our batch grew bigger with the addition of almost fifty newcomers.. we were very busy this year for the college celebrated its Golden Jubilee Year.. There were lots to be done we have to be in charged for many activities.. such as decorating the hall..and etc. etc. as usual, the Interform English Drama competition was held..This year we presented a drama entitled "Fatal Animosity".. our own original story.. It mainly focused on the Red Indians tribes.. A war between two tribes which ended up in a very tragic ending.. although we didn't win anything in the interform E.D competition.. we still went for the interschool competition at KGV..we won second place and went for the district level.. maybe luck was not on ours.. we ended up as runner-ups.. but we were still glad for we manage to give an astounding performance.

        This year we were lucky because we got the chance to attend the BTN course which I must left a very deep impact on our batch. We had a great time there. At first we thought things will be deadly tough there yet we managed to go through it like a breeze. We suffer a little throughout the course but hey, it was fun. The most unforgettable day would be the KEMBARA. The details would better be left unrevealed ...fooh..!!!

          Then, we were busy preparing for the annual celebration of Friendship Day.. this year we celebrated friendship day on 17th of August.. the college "square" were divided to several sections.. there's the Friendship Tunnel, Friendship Café, and all sorts of decorated places to take pictures with friends.. the day went on smoothly.. collegians had great fun..despite all the problems we faced in order to get permissions to do the friendship day.. we have to go through tremendous procedures to even use some simple stuff..(anyway..rules are rules)

          In between all of those things, we had other stuff to be done.. the Saujana committee members has to work hard this year to produce the grand edition of The Golden Jubilee. There was too many reports to be made and the girls were surely exhausted !! Anyway, the hard work paid off. We managed to produced the yet best SAUJANA magazine ever

          Later, there were the newsletter committee members.. producing a newsletter for the whole collegian.. we were kind off exhausted throughout the year.. everybody was quite tensed because we faced too many problems.. including from the administration.. ooppps! However, we managed to get through all this and better our comradeship.. a few times our camaraderie was tested.. but we are glad to say that we managed to settle it through..finally the final days of being a fourth former year we will be back in college as the ultimate!! Hahaha..!!!