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           Our third year in college has been the most memorable year yet..but, better left forgotten by some..this year had witnessed a lot of sweet and bitter memories..this year we once again got the chance to live together in one dorm..we became better comrades throughout the year..this year we also became the seniors among the juniors..there’s no one to bully us anymore, but for us to bully others..heh!

           Well, being a third former was a nice experience though we had to face the greatest challenge of all..PMR examination..!!! oh my..nevertheless we still got to enjoy life in college…apart from studying for our PMR exam, we did all the usual stuff in college..the English Drama competition was held as usual this year..we the third formers presented Taming of the Shrew and won the best junior play..usually the fourth formers will represent the school for the Interschool English drama competition..but this year we got the chance to do it..we won the Interschool E.D competition and were supposed to go to the district level.. but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance for our PMR examination was just around the corner..

            College also hosted the PPM Zon Selatan festive this year...this year was the turn for the handball games..the PPM was incredible..residential schools from the Zon Selatan came and we got the chance to meet them..the final night, college had made a simple closing ceremony at Budiman Hall..a few of us got to perform a nasyid during the's a mix language nasyid..with English,BM,japanese,french and was a nice experience indeed..nevertheless we have to study to make sure we pass the PMR exam with flying colours...we were determined to make sure that we would be one of the,study we must!!

            Finally it was time for the BIG DAY...we went down for breakfast wearing our batch 's jacket..printed DILIGENCE AND INTELLIGENCE = EXCELLENCE! excellence in the exam was our, it was time to proof our mettle..then without realizing the PMR exam was over..after three years of hardwork..we can finally have a time to rest..

            Right after the exam, we took loads and loads of pictures..savoring the moment of mortal freedom! the activities after PMR was quite fun..though we had a lot to do..we didn't got the chance to finish it all..our activities varied from mural painting,rekacipta,and etc..etc..but the best part out of all the activities we had was the Language In Camp Program..although we had the camping in college, the activities organized was very fun indeed..all of us were divided into three groups according to our third language..we had lots of activities and the best thing was the road hiking..we were told it was only a 7 km walk..but in reality we had walked for 15.5 kilometres..just imagine that!! fuhh..thank god we survived it..

             We went to TAFE College..we didn't expect until that far..but we still manage to end our journey safe..after the language in camp program..we had an interclass aerobics competition..and 3T was quite fun..well.. then a group of our comrades participated in the Puisi Sains Kebangsaan competition.. all of the third formers went to UKM to give moral support to our friends.. Haly, Atiqah, Danny, Lilis and Watie.. they won 3rd place.. pretty good for a first timer..i's was the national level..finally,time for holidays ....bye!!!