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               We came to the year 1995 with great determination.. as sophomores..we were no more the youngest in college so, we need not to worry about being bullied much..nothing much during our years as sophomores..but as I can remember we got lots of scoldings during this year..this year we were separated from each other..some of us got to live with the fom threes..while some lived with the form ones.. so, the only time we got to really meet each other was during school and prep classes.. then, our dear fellow comrades from class 2T had to be transferred to the form three block..this separated us even make more room for staff room.. nevertheless the bond between us still grew stronger with each passing moment..

              This year’s Interform English Drama brought many sweet memories to us..we performed the play titled Mahsuri..we never expected to achieve much..but luck must be on our side..we really did improved a lot in this year’s english drama… Mahsuri had been a very successful play.. we had succeeded in making the audience response to our play..the best thing we achieved was making the audience shed tears during the last scene when Mahsuri died..the play was really a success and I am proud to say we did the very best! So that night we won the best junior play and lots of other awards Mahsuri was one of our very successful play during our years in college..this year also introduced a Friendship Day celebration..well I can’t write much of our days as second formers..nothing much, the days went by just like that despite all the studies…so, we left year 1995 to enter to another new year..welcome 1996!