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           12 December 1993...a date when most of us could never forget... It was the day that changed our lives forever...being part of this famous first residential school...TUNKU KURSHIAH COLLEGE might be a dream to some..but feared by others...who can blame us..we were young and vivacious..waiting to face the adventures this school provides...some of us might have heard really really bad things about this alma mater..but nevertheless,we were determined to be a Kurshian girl...

           The first time we stepped in this majestic alma mater..we were greeted by our seniors who acted as our guardian angel...though excitement and curiosity filled our kids,when it's time for mum and dad to live.. tears still welled in our eyes..the feeling of loneliness swept through our can we live without our family..? but still.. life has to go on...

           As form ones we were put in the same dorm according to our houses..we were the last batch to live in the same dorm and also have those double-decker the routine as a form one form ones we were required to serve in the mornings during breakfast and also for dinner at night..pity though, we were also the last batch to serve..serving in the dining hall was not one of our favourites..

           We still remembered how we used to get up from bed at as early as 4 o'clock in the morning, still drowsy from sleep, we went for a very cold bath and got ready to serve.. at exactly six..we rushed to the dining hall to grab the apparatus needed and also the serve the queens and princesses..though we really dreaded this serve thing, we still got to do it..there were many bitter and sweet things during our year of serving.. some bitter memories are better remain unknown for fear of our seniors might get offended..(sorry to all our seniors back then..let bygones be bygones,huh!)

           We had our talent time..the day for us to show our true colours in various artistic fields such as dancing,singing etc.etc. so everybody got to show their own talent..then there was the Interform English Drama for the first time we will put up a show that is exactly our own production we were only juniors at that time so thereís nothing great with our drama..itís a first hand experience..

Well,as usual we do have our studies to remember..homeworks..and loads of test and exams.. towards the end of the year we had a lot of parties..table party.. c.s party to bid farewell to our c.s..and house party that was very interesting because you got to dress up according to the theme given.. throughout the year we faced everything, the bond between us all became stonger each day..finally itís time for us to move on.. a year older and wiser, goodbye comes 1995..!!!